About Us

meet@church  is a product of Deseos Invest Inc. and we are proud to develop, introduce and host these social platform to promote religious services and social events between charities and religious organisations and their community worldwide. Religious communities find a solid platform to offer their services and social events which allow for an easier way for a close, joyful and distinct experience in your life with god.

Safety and reliability drives us to design this platform. For that reason we want every user and organiser to register in appropiate  way and we re-confirm and verify each individual. By this, each organiser knows exactly, who is coming to which event and each guest knows exactly at whom he will be the guest.

One of meet@church guiding principles is that each and every event will also be free of charge for organiser and guests on our app, as long  you promote not more than one event at the same time. 
Should plan events more frequently  some charges apply.

Religious communities, ommercial organisers, charities  or  NPOs with a regular program can enjoy the program at an annual flat rate in order to promote as many events as they like at the same time.

Meet@church distinguishes from other social platforms as the purpose of all events is of religious nature is to get and stay in closest proximity to god through your local community. 

It also allows members of the community to offer own private ventures and events where the joining participants are from a trustful circle of humans believing in god. 

Meet@church offers a platform, where you can display church services, group meeting, pilgrim tours, concerts, choir rehearsals and  other events and meetings e.g. seminars and readings.